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Tooting and Scooting at the Library

Toot Scoot coverHe’s Gonna Toot and I’m Gonna Scoot: Waiting for Gabriel’s Horn

What a great title! From the back cover: “…how to put life’s trials into heavenly perspective.” It’s a fine library book, so no worries there. As we’ve said before, sometimes we just enjoy a funny title. This one has a cute cover too, so bonus points.

You’re welcome.




9 Responses to Tooting and Scooting at the Library

  • Oh God. I remember that author, they sold her books in the Christian Book Distributors catalog my mother used to get, all of the titles and covers were horrible, as you would expect since she’s supposed to be some Christian comedian

    • Can’t stand those maudlin “instructive” illustrations. But Christians probably need a little clean comedy now and then.

  • This is hilarious. Around here “toot” is a polite euphemism for fart, so if you’re a tootin’, I a scootin’.

  • How many people besides me thought at first this was about some guy with bad gas?

  • This is one of her funiest. Unless count the one when she discovered her son wasn’t just gay but into S&M. Or maybe he was doing that so being gay wasn’t so bad. Most of that humor wasn’t intended. We have all of her books.