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Too Thin

Why Are They Starving Themselves? Understanding Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia

Submitter: Found this old 1983 advice book on eating disorders on the shelf at my local library. They have 5 copies in the system. Reading through the book, the info was not completely out of date. But the people’s names would be unrelatable to the crowed this was written for. Not to many teens names Joan or Patti today. Additionally, there is nothing in here for men. A growing population in the area.

Holly: I really dislike the font on the cover. Of course, that doesn’t make it weed-worthy, and neither do the names used in the book, but let’s be honest: this could have been weeded in the late 1980s. Medical information is one of those deal-breaker Dewey categories that really must be kept up-to-date. Even if the fundamentals of these two diseases are represented accurately, lifestyles of this millennium aren’t. Someone suffering from one of these diseases, who actually comes to the library for some information, is really not being helped as well as they could be with a book written in this decade.

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