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Submitter: I work for a tiny academic library. Shortly before I was hired the library accepted a large donation of books. These books were added to the catalog but then most were put in storage due to lack of shelf space. The book listed below I recently found in storage and it would not be useful to students here. It has since been weeded.

Holly: OMG, there is more than one tin craft book in the world?? Maybe it was a “thing” back in the day. Remember this one?


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8 Responses to Tincraft

  • I like the fact that one of the supplies needed is an asbestos mat.

  • “A tiny academic library”, eh? I guess the donator thought it was a tinny academic library!

    I’m sorry, I’ll leave now.

  • Yes, tincraft was a “thing” back in 1972 – maybe that was before your time? Pretty much no potential craft material was safe in that era, hence many other “weeds” you’ve already reported.

  • There are just a many crappy craft books coming out nowadays as there were when this one was published — but nowadays they have closeup color photos.

  • Now there are recycled aluminium can crafts. I just saw a video on how to make earrings out of a, Dr Pepper can. I think I pass, I don’t even have pierced ears.

  • Not only does my library have 4 copies of this book. It has multiple copies of the authors other Tincraft books!. She wrote several!!!

  • Remember that scene in the shining where the elevator opened and blood poured out?
    Basically me if I tried this.