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Tina in Trouble

My Big Sister Takes Drugs

Here is a story about Paul’s big sister Tina. Tina is taking pills and causing trouble. I also get the feeling that Dad is a bit clueless, since Mom yells at him about the kids. The next thing you know, cops are pulling up to the house with a cracked up Tina in tow. Wait, it gets worse. Now Paul can’t go to soccer camp because Tina’s rehab is expensive. Paul sucks it up for the good of the family. Cue the music. I hope everyone learns a valuable lesson.


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15 Responses to Tina in Trouble

  • 3rd pic: go Paul! do the Robot!

  • Paul’s a trooper! What a great kid, to see the big picture like that.

    Sigh. And to whom were these illustrations supposed to appeal?

  • And Paul had resentment issues toward Tina the rest of his life. The end!

    • Such resentment usually comes enabling behavior by the parents, either by ignoring the addiction, making excuses, or continuing to support an addict who is obviously not trying to get clean, just putting in enough effort/rehab time to stay out of jail and in the parents’ good graces.

  • This whole thing has a Doris-like set-up that makes me highly suspicious. In fact, we may have a new candidate for adult strangeness directed at children. http://www.amazon.com/Judith-Vigna/e/B001KHN3WY Click on the one about Nuclear War for an example.

  • “You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

    And why did Paul’s teacher show the class a crack vial? Maybe she was teaching them about homonyms. (Crack is vile.)

    • I also found it odd that the author went out of her way to clumsily define “vial” but assumes kids will know what “postpone” means.

  • Well, at least he wasn’t molested by a LOVE DOVE…

  • More scare tactics that even kids see through. Like the stories of LSD laced Hallowe’en candy, Tina’s probably not going to be just giving the stuff away, especially to a kid with a seven dollar a week allowance. Paul’s new friend is more likely to be impressed than reject him. Odd that with all their suburban affluence his parents don’t carry health insurance to pay for Tina’s treatment, or that Paul needs special camp in order play soccer. The real Tina would more likely either be black, or smoking crank, not crack (yes, I know she says it was those “other kids”).

    • “… suburban affluence?” Just what is that supposed to mean? Many families in the suburbs are living paycheck to paycheck, and not all insurance covers private (it sounds like she went to a private hospital, not a country program) rehab.

      Every part of your comment is unsettling to me. Especially the assumption crack users are black.

  • Where is Latawanya the Naughty Horse when you need her?

  • Reminiscent of Doris Sanford.

  • Sadly if you change crack to heroin, meth or pain pills and make Tina the parent, you have a very common story in our part of the country.

  • This is reminding of the Crackdown episode from In The Heat Of The Night.