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Time Life for Life

The Emergence of Man
The Monument Builders
Time Life

Submitter: This is part of everyone’s collection, unfortunately. The Time-Life Series never die. My library assistant squinted and asked: “Is that Charlton Heston?”

Holly: Every time you weed them, some well-meaning citizen donates their precious set. Just say no!


But It’s Historical!

“Discovery” of North America

Lifestyles of the Ancient Britons

Make History Fun with Cartoons

(Above 2) Submitter: These men and their enduring stones. Hard to believe the stones either look like penises or doughnuts.

(Above 2) Submitter: This goat picture wouldn’t be as funny without the written explanation. I find the “artist’s conception” to be inconceivable.

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11 Responses to Time Life for Life

  • Instead of saying no, why not just say yes, and then toss them into the recycling bin, where they belong.

    • @ Pat: some of us can’t find funding to recycle the books we already have, much less serve as a book recycling service for our community!

    • Do you know how much grief libraries get when citizens find “perfectly good books” in the trash? Or recycling bin?

    • Because they will then ask where to find them in the collection, next time they are in. Then you have to tell the truth.

  • Somewhere an archaeologist is crying at the inaccuracies…

  • Ah me, now I feel old… I studied for the SATs and Subject Tests (in 1972) by reading a Time-Life book every day for two weeks. I can still visualize the illustration for their explanation of relativity. (It worked fairly well as a study method, too.)

    The other classics, which probably show up as donations way too often, are the National Geographic books. We had those as well.

  • Or instead of tossing perfectly good books, put them in the next library booksale. If they’re cheap enough, someone will buy them!

  • “… the stones either look like penises or doughnuts.” Huh? They look like renderings of stone axes to me….

  • As a library volunteer I have recently invented a new rule for myself: If something on a reshelving cart makes me say “Oh, for ### sake”, I quietly slip it onto the Stuff For The Librarian To Deal With shelf, and hope she has the same reaction.

  • I loved the Time-Life collections when I was growing up! I’d snap up the whole science set like a shot, if I had the chance. Definitely put ’em in the book sale. (And give me a call, why not.)