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Tie Dye Art

Tie And Dye as a Present Day Craft

Submitter: This came back in the shipment today, which means it’s still circulating! It’s the only copy left in our system. The other five are marked as lost. It’s circulated a total of 53 times since being re-added to the system in 2003. And of course, what few pictures there are are in black and white, but it’s mostly illustrations!

I mean, yes, tie dye is still popular and there’s some good stuff in there – but color pictures would be nice and there’s new products out there by now to make it even easier. While some of the things in this book might no longer exist!

Holly: This seems to be a book for serious tie-dyers! If you want to really design some fancy tie-dye, there’s all kinds of designs and techniques. In that regard, I can see having one copy available in large public libraries. But FIVE? If space is at a premium at your library and you have some teens who want to tie dye some t-shirts, there are plenty of more current options out there. Weed this in favor of something a little more colorful and less complicated. Tie dye really has stood the test of time better than some 60’s crafts. Whenever it is offered at our library as a program it is very popular.

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6 Responses to Tie Dye Art

  • Since its the last copy, I’d probably keep it and see how its circulation faired next to a newer, simpler tie-dye book. Some of those check outs could easily be people looking for how to do more complicated stuff.

  • I was surprised to see this was published in 1963 and mentioned tie-dye has been practiced for centuries. I thought hippies invented tie-dye.

  • Those five “lost” copies were probably stolen copies. Whoever has them has probably been tie-dying away all these years.

  • I have never heard it called “tie and dye”, is that British English?

    • I seem to remember hearing “tie and dye” as an alternative term in 1960s America. But the simpler “tie-dye” eventually won out.

  • If you do weed it, you can go ahead and send it to this gal. Regardless of black and white illustrations, I agree that the seriously crafty would still check out an item like this.