This is your face doing isometrics

Isometrics coverIsometrics: the Static Way to Physical Fitness

​Submitter: My staff was weeding the good ‘ole 613s and came across this beauty from 1966.  This book is awful because, well, it’s an outdated health book from 1966 and the photographs are terrible, not to mention comical.

​Holly:​ The pictures are hilarious!  A clear weeder, though.  How do books like this stick around this long? Even if you weeded once every five or ten years, this should have been cut decades ago.  Its last circulation was probably before automation!

spread your mouth

wink left eye



  1. I remember watching an episode of Dragnet in reruns where Detective Gannon becomes convinced he can get in shape using Isometrics. I wonder if this is the book he read.

  2. @Ross: I remember that one! I don’t remember what they were investigating, but he tried to use an office chair if I remember right.

  3. Gee, what a wonderful way to promote wrinkles1 I mean, really — do you need to exercise your face?

  4. Love the photos. I think that you can repurpose them and have a caption contest, “What were these library patrons thinking?”

  5. The young woman looks like she’s auditioning for a remake of the old Twilight Zone episode “The Masks” !

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