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magical endings with jello cover

Magical Endings
from Cool Whip & JELL-O

Jell-o is one of those foods from my childhood that was a staple at every potluck, buffet, or family dinner. After all, I am a Midwesterner. It certainly isn’t as popular as it was in the 1960s and 1970s but every now and then there will be a recipe that includes Jell-o. This is that cookbook. As I was looking through this book, I realized I have probably tasted (or avoided) each one of these recipes at some point. Our family’s favorite was plain old Cool Whip on Jell-o. Pretty exciting, eh?


P.S. The confetti pie is a no go for me. It just looks wrong.

Christmas Rainbow Cake recipe

confetti pie recipe

Layered mint chocolate loaf


  1. I have an informal collection of Jell-O cookbooks going back a few decades. They’re a delight. Sometimes, we even make things from them (though not the Jell-O horror “salads” from the 60’s and 70’s).

  2. Not as horrifying as I was expecting. The confetti pie does look weird, but I could probably be persuaded to try it. The christmas cake actually seems pretty clever.
    The title, otoh, is a bit too close to term “happy ending” for my brain.

  3. These desserts look pretty good to me. Who cares that they aren’t made with only gourmet-restaurant quality ingredients? I’m sick how so many people go around acting as if adding Campbell’s soup or Jello to anything you cook is the equivalent of drowning puppies.

  4. Oh the Confetti Pie is a disaster just waiting to ruin you! I made this for a special dinner with a special guy when I was about nineteen. We both hated jello, what else would I make? I thought it had set up so I unmolded with a flourish and had multicolored goo all over the plate, the table, the rug. Four hours or until firm is too big of a window. The rest of the evening was spent in not-so-jolly cleanup.

    1. After looking more closely I realize that mine was a Confetti Mold, not pie. Maybe that’s why they changed it to a pie, to avoid this problem. Mine was an earlier edition. Still, proceed with caution…

  5. My mom still makes desserts with Jell-O that are actually pretty popular. Though I can’t stand them myself as I’m not a fan of fruit flavored desserts. To me if it ain’t chocolate, it ain’t a dessert.

  6. When I was in H.S. Home Ec we made and served a dinner to the School Board and Superintendent. The dessert was confetti pie, but it was much prettier than the one pictured in the book, using three colors of Jell-O. I actually made it a few times on my own later.

  7. citrus=yes
    citrus+chocolate=yes yes
    chocolate+mint= everybody else seems to like it but to me it’s like eating dessert and brushing your teeth at the same time
    citrus+mint=HELL NO

  8. Oh jello, def at every family gathering back in the 70s! My favorite “jello memory” however was the free jello shots table we came across at the annual locals halloween parade in Key West.. we certainly took advantage of that haha!

  9. I just had one more “jello memory”… at her annual Halloween party my friend also served jello shots, which resulted in more then one partygoer getting… sick lol, one person “got sick” in the kitchen and before it could be cleaned up my brother in law walked in and slipped on it and promptly fell on his arse, ohhh the fun times you can have with jello!!!

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