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There’s a Thin Person Inside You!

There’s a Thin Person Inside You!

Submitter: This book was in our nursing library (in a community college) and it’s all kinds of wrong! I’ll start with the cover. Ew. Next, fat people are referred to as “fatty’s” and surely if you’re fat you must be completely miserable! Overall, it’s poorly written and completely outdated. Not that people were breaking down the doors in 1983 to check it out. This book had a total of 4 checkouts, the last in 1990. To the rubbish pile it goes!

Holly: Nice cover.  It looks kind of beat up.  I appreciate the author’s sincerity.  She seems to really want to help people, but this is way to judge-y.  The tone is preachy, not inspiring.  And, fatty? REALLY?? That’s horrible.  I’d suggest a 5- to 10-year rule (closer to 5…) for anything health-related, too.

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11 Responses to There’s a Thin Person Inside You!

  • I’d rather be fat than wear that hat.

    The cartoon kid looks like Roger Ebert. Intentional?

  • I hate it when people hide their bigotry behind trying to be “helpful.”

    Not everyone is fat from eating too much. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, allergies, medications, thyroid disorders, and numerous other things can make a person fat. And that’s just legitimate medical reasons. Not things like emotional disorders from being bullied, sexually assaulted, etc.

  • I have to be the one who says, “There’s a Thin Person Inside You! Because You Ate Them!”?

  • She doesn’t sound like a bigot to me–her advice is not bad. The word ‘fatty’ is atrocious, as is the cover, but everything else…yeah.

  • That cover makes me think “Mary Poppins wannabe”. I can’t comment on the medical advice.

  • Is that comic done by the man who did Wee Pals? It looks like the drawing style in an older collection I remember reading a ways back. I had to look it up, but his name is Morrie Turner and I guess the strip is still around though his drawing style has changed slightly. The cookie kid reminds me of one of the characters from the collection.

  • The advice about looking in the mirror could be harmful to people with eating disorders. Not everyone who looks in the mirror and doesn’t like the way they look or ‘sees’ bulges they don’t like needs to lose weight. I also wonder how shaming people will help them lose weight healthily.

  • Nobody else thinking about Little Britain?!

  • Am I the only one who’s imagining the thin person inside me bursting out of my chest, Alien-style?

  • Linda, that was the first thing I thought of! (Writing your name, I was thinking “Maaaartin, it’s Liiiiiiiinda…”) Matt Lucas is large in real life, I think he’s had a lot of people give him stupid advice on the subject, judging from the “Fat Fighters” sketches.

  • RE the cover, do I wake up screaming or start dancing to “One Singular Sensation”?