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The Wedding You Want

The Woman’s Day Book of Weddings

Submitter: The cost and style information make this book out of date. I argue that what was traditional in 1982, is no longer traditional now.

Holly: They can re-subtitle this book “How to Have the Wedding Your Grandma Had.”


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8 Responses to The Wedding You Want

  • Whoa! An entire wedding for less than the cost of a dress. Pretty cool.

  • I know it’s out of date. I know I’ll get dislikes for this. But darn it, my mom watches that “Say Yes To The Dress” and I have to say modern day gowns are FUGLY! I wish that someone would use this to bring back toned down versions of the 1980s styles which, frankly, are far more attractive than what’s on that show.

    • I agree, Jami! Also modern takes on gowns of the 50s & 60s would be great. Because despite what the “experts” on wedding shows say, strapless gowns are NOT the most flattering for everyone. Or even the style everyone prefers.

      • Yep! And the fact they try to force those women into them even when the women insist on having sleeves with all the “Oh, we can add sleeves!” No, give them something with sleeves NOW because strapless gowns look weird with added sleeves later.

        Not to mention the expense. One of my nieces got her gown for $80 at David’s Bridal because it was discontinued. You can be sure it started in the high hundreds if not the low thousands.

  • My wedding in 1985 cost me about $175. Pikers…

  • Holding left and right forefingers up to make the sign of a cross…..

  • I found my wedding dress during my lunch hour. It cost $125 (in 1980). I still have it, though I can no longer fit into it. Oh, yes, I have the same husband, too!
    ………….But the point of the post is that a library that owns this book may consider that it has a book on wedding planning and thus doesn’t need another one (despite the outdatedness of this one). Even more, that library may either say, “And it has circulated in the past 5 years!” [because it is the ONLY wedding book in the collection] OR the attitude might be, “Our circulation is really low. How can that be? We have coverage of just about every subject.”

  • The budget works, that’s about the cost of my 2004 wedding!