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The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Man of Action

Submitter: This is billed as “A Book Report Biography”. There are lots of details about R rated movies in the text which doesn’t seem appropriate to me.  The odd drawing on the cover looks like Schwarzenegger crossed with Frankenstein’s monster.  There is no mention of political aspirations and all of the photos inside are hideous.

Holly: Library Journal gave this book a scathing review, which you can read on Amazon.com.  We’ve talked about biographies before many times on this site – they go out of date so fast and are often biased.  This one is no exception!

0 Responses to The Terminator

  • It looks and sounds very similar to the Stalin hagiography you posted not very long ago…

  • And yet some illiterate idiot gave this book a 4-star review:

    By A Customer
    this is a great book. it full of facts you need. if your looking for a bio here it is one of the best. it’s not really missing any inportant things. and if your his #1 fan like me you will love this book.

  • There were no mentions of political aspirations from Arnold anywhere until he announced on the Tonight Show in 2003 he would run for Governor. But by 1999 he had lent his stardom to some Republican causes.

  • That’s from 1997?! The cover looks straight-up 1991.

  • Wow, just from reading that snippet it seems the person who wrote this thing HATES Arnold! I wonder why the author wrote it. Was he was assigned to this book or he just came to loathe him in the course of his research? It just seems odd LOL!

  • The movie “required no acting ability?” Looks like a veiled insult or something.

  • Dang, that’s a nasty pic on the cover. It’s like Max Headroom meets Alfred E. Newman.

  • Arnold should have stuck to acting … because of him and his promise to “protect” education, we may lose the Teacher Librarians in our district because we have to cut over $11 million from next year’s budget.

    Why do they always go for the libraries first????

  • Veiled insult? Man, that’s a bitch slap!

  • Why? it’s not that anything important happend to arnie after 1997…..

  • ‘Hercules in New York’ sounds like a classic, here’s just one of many of the “goofs” from it listed on IMDB:

    ‘The bear is obviously a man in a suit, and in one shot you can see shoes on the bear”.

  • I never understood doing book reports on celebrities when I was little. It just seemed very inappropriate. I think I was a strict 8 year-old.

  • What? Don’t they understand that *urban* bears wear shoes? I mean if you are gona walk around NYC all day you gotta support the arches!

    • Maybe the bear was Gladly, the crossed-eyed bear from Maine, who usually wears business suits when he meets with his literary agent in NYC.

  • Hercules in New York is a classic for being bad. Arnold’s voice is dubbed very badly, cheese factor 10…the whole thing is classic ‘funny bad’

  • Looks like the same artist from A-Ha’s “Take on Me” video worked on this cover art.