The Sport of a Lifetime

Roller Skating coverRoller Skating: The Sport of a Lifetime
Waugh and larsen

Submitter: The chapters on the history of skating are interesting, but at this point the entire book is historical! This title has not checked out once in the past eight years. I doubt patrons will miss it from the public library shelves.

Holly: The characters pictured in this book (samples below) are priceless! It’s clearly a weeder if it hasn’t left the shelf in 8 years, but I gotta say – I enjoyed this submission immensely. I also love the subtitle, “the sport of a lifetime.”

Roller Skating back cover

Roller Skating contents

Roller skating while playing accordion

Roller music

Western and Disco style roller skating

Roller skating as Olympic sport



    1. So they left their shoes in the office to change into? There doesn’t seem to be room in their briefcases for a pair of shoes. Today’s skaters would have a backpack.

  1. Dexter Abernathy’s has the photographer’s watermark stamped on him! I’m wondering just how much the authors paid to publish this book.

  2. Do people even use that style of roller skates any more? I thought it was all rollerblades. (A book would presumably say, brand-neutrally, “inline skates”.)

  3. I would seriously pay good money to see someone play the accordion and roller skate – priceless!

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