The Shame of Pregnancy

handbook for pregnant teen

Handbook for Pregnant Teenagers
Roggow and Owens

This book looks familiar and I think we featured it on our site a while back. Since I can’t find it, I am assuming it bit the dust in one of our many website upgrades. Regardless,  I think this book is worth discussing because the title “handbook” would be very appealing to patrons. Those of us of a certain age will remember that pregnancy without marriage was just about as acceptable as murder. Back in my day, there were whispers of sudden drop outs or someone visiting an “aunt” out of town. I remember very few openly pregnant girls when I was that age and I can only imagine what they suffered as students. They were mostly hustled off so they wouldn’t “infect” the remaining girls.

I really think that libraries need to have readily accessible information available on a variety of sexual health topics. Not only is it about the information, but also a friendly, non-judgmental librarian who can really offer assistance where maybe friends, parents or the Internet can’t.



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  1. The information is probably still current for the audience the book was intended to reach. Christian teens for whom abortion is not an option. It was legal, and not unusual by the time this book was published. By 1984, at least in my area, unwed teen mothers weren’t all that unusual anymore. I graduated high school in 1975, and a few girls were pregnant. I was on the “pill” myself. Between then and now, none of the unwed teen “rules” have changed for religious pregnant women and girls. I would expect a new book will give pretty much the same advice.

    1. I think there’s a lot that has changed and a lot more that has been added since then. Where to go for help. Where to look on the Internet for information. Safe pregnancy tips. Labor tips. If she’s keeping the child, there’s quite a bit new about baby safety. (I bet it won’t tell her to stay away from cribs made before 2003!)

      While some of the basics are going to be the same, there is a lot of advice that has changed in the last 31 years that a pregnant teenager absolutely needs to know.

      Sorry to be on the soapbox, but I’ve been having trouble finding decent, appealing, recent books on this topic and it’s a bit frustrating.

      Also, she’s totally dressed more for ’70 than ’84. Just sayin’.

  2. I think this book should be weeded due to the fact that it is a teen in trouble book and not one picture of David Bowie is present (see other
    teen in trouble books) ! 🙂

  3. I think I might have had a later edition of this book, as the copy looks familiar(for a story I was writing at the time).

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