The Shame of Divorce

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“I Wouldn’t Have Given a Nickel for Your Chances”

The general theme of Christian memoirs is usually how someone’s crappy life was saved by faith. This one is no exception. The first chapter describes her husband walking away after handing her a couple hundred dollars. No support, no income, no experience, and forced into the working world for the first time. It was a bad situation.

What bothered me most was that most of her reflection was about her personal shame of divorce. I was hoping that she might recognize that her idiot ex was the one who should be ashamed. Nope. It is still better to be married. In one chapter, she talks a woman out of leaving her husband, even if he has girlfriends on the side. I quit reading after that. Even for 1974, that is a bit much.


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  1. “I wouldn’t have given a nickel for your chances.”…

    Ouch! What kind of crappy family member/friend says that?

  2. “with God as her only support”
    –because God forbid (haha) the deadbeat should be legally compelled to support his three children.

    Some people may remember that advice columnist Ann Landers was unconditionally, unequivocally opposed to divorce ever, under any circumstances … until the day she herself got a divorce.

  3. Her husband drops off a large make-up case the night he tells her their marriage is over (that seems to be the context)? She smiles, yet is remorseful she didn’t acknowledge his gift before he left her. How about throwing it out the door after him, that’s a more realistic reaction, at least for me! And why has she rejected some of his gifts throughout their marriage?

    She hears voices encouraging her to play with make-up, which I don’t attribute to her god!

  4. Did John figure she was going to need a load of makeup to survive in the real world with that face? Kind and thoughtful right to the end. :-/

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