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The Prevention Posse

Get It Straight: The Facts About Drugs
Drug Enforcement Administration and Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Submitter: This is a hilarious attempt by the Drug Enforcement Administration to connect with the kids, yo.  Your tax dollars at work! We got this through the Depository Library Program, so it’s a government document that languished on our shelves for years.  A massive weed of gov docs unearthed it among much more boring and pedestrian Dept. of Justice docs. Anyway, enjoy the ridiculous illustrations, the condescending tone (the book is divided into chapters! To make it easy for you!), and the cringe-inducing beauty of the Prescription Drug Rap.  Or, create your own rap in a Bring It On Home Activity! You’ll be slamming! Peace! (Just like the Prevention Posse says!)

Holly: Are the pages really all washed out, or is that the work of Submitter’s scanner?  I can’t fault the DEA or the Boys & Girls Clubs for trying anything to keep kids off of drugs, but this could clearly have been weeded by the early 2000s. Some kids are pretty sophisticated, and even those who aren’t don’t want to be patronized or condescended to. This book comes off that way.

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12 Responses to The Prevention Posse

  • Unless this train wreck was mandatory reading, I’m sure it was never checked out by a teen….

  • Wow. This is somewhere beyond lame. And just what is that one guy doing with the self-hug???

  • If all drug users looked like that, we wouldn’t have a drug problem. People would want to stay as far away from them as possible!

  • The guy in the first illustration sure has gotten a good grip on himself.

  • This book is Dope!
    No not really. My first job was in a government document library. Oh those SuDoc numbers. I remember this book when it came in. Now I feel old.

  • Maybe we could use the word bank for an ALB rap…

  • Fun fact: The DEA also has official Christmas ornaments. My parents have one.

  • DEA meeting to plan this book:

    “So how do we write for teens, anyway?”
    “Just use lots of ‘what’s up’ and ‘bring it on home.’ They all talk like that.”
    “Oh, yes, and put in quizzes, like homework assignments! Kids LOVE homework.”
    “How about a rap song? We could write a rap song, right? About prescription drugs? How hard could that be?”

  • My favorite thing about this entry is the need to use the word “weed” repeatedly LOL.

  • Actually, I like the fill-in-the-blank activities. With just a few tweaks (lame pun, I know), they could easily be modified into some fun Mad-Libs stories.

    Otherwise, this is hilariously dorky and trying too hard to be hip even for the mid-’90s.

  • does that guy on the right on the cover have to go to the bathroom?