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The New Pregnancy coverThe New Pregnancy
The Active Woman’s Guide to Work, Legal Rights, Health Care, Travel, Sports, Dress, Sex and Emotional Well-Being
Lichtendorf and Gillis

I am quite sure this book was quite “edgy” in its time. ¬†My mom had her last baby in 1970. My mom tried to talk to the doctor about her delivery and I believe the repsonse was to just shut up and let him do his job. I think my mom is still pissed at the doctor.

I could argue that by 1990, and my first child, there was some improvement. ¬†Pregnant employees still weren’t treated with open arms by employers.

I would put it in the category of books like Our Bodies, Ourselves. For an archive collection, maybe it’s a keeper, but for a public library, weed it.

Glad to be out of the baby business,


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The ABCs of taking care of you


  1. Our Bodies, Ourselves has at least released updated editions. (Last one was 2011.) This book, its hard to tell, but doesn’t look like it.

  2. This recently pregnant poster highly recommends weeding and replacing this one. There have been too many recent developments and changes in recommendations to justify keeping anything over 5 years old in this subject matter, really. As an example, just this past month the definition of “full-term” got a rewrite.
    Sadly, some employers still don’t welcome pregnant employees with open arms. One of my bosses exhibited attitudes from 1979, but fortunately my lawyer friend helped me learn my rights in 2013. This book would have been no help!

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