The Loveliest Librarian – Friday Fiction for #PLA2014

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The Loveliest Librarian coverThe Loveliest Librarian

Holly and I just returned from the Public Library Association Conference. We had a marvelous time and wish we could have stayed for the whole conference. Naturally, we felt it was appropriate to use our Friday Fiction to feature a librarian.

Our librarian is Katie Ann, who works at a college library, supervises some up-and-coming library school students, and is assistant to the Head Librarian.  She also drives a used Porche.  (Seriously.)  She has a somewhat distracted scientist boyfriend who seems to be working on a mysterious “project y” and resents her wanting to buy him the occasional dinner or drinks because he is still struggling with grad school. This girl is ripe for some romance!

All of a sudden, a famous writer and a director hits town to make a movie and the library is getting involved. Writer guy uses the pick-up line of “Are you working in a library to pay for modeling school?” Katie evidently kind of likes this drivel and starts to date Writer Guy. However, Writer Guy starts revealing himself to be a perfect asshat (evidently the pick-up line wasn’t a big enough clue) and Katie is torn between Science Boy and Writer Guy.  Stay tuned!


The Loveliest Librarian front flap

The Loveliest Librarian excerpt

The Loveliest Librarian excerpt


  1. i’m guessing David finds the solution to Project Y and they both end up with a greater appreciation for how perfect they are for each other.

  2. I’ll bet it’s the quest for the perfect pickup line, as in “Why aren’t you!?!” (said with frustration)

  3. Maybe “Project Y” is a search to create the perfect man and Katie ends up with him. Also, they keep referring to the Writer Guy as “the little man”? Weird. Not exactly a description that sets hearts racing. No offense to men of slight build, of course, but “little man” has a rather unpleasant connotation, at least to me (or it’s something you say to a small boy).

  4. The only correct response to his chatup line of “are you a real librarian?” is “no, I’m a hologram of a librarian. Go away.”

    1. Then he’d just chat you up about how you convinced the board to buy a million+ virtual holo-librarian.

    2. love it! I get asked this at least once a day….I am SO going to use this one because I am tired of “No. I am a fake one.”

    3. Then I assume the device behind her is the holographic projector, but it also looks like the artist interpreted the lighting instruction rather literally, if it’s a spotlight, or… I don’t think she’s wearing a hat, but what is going on, there? Is the device projecting a movie onto a circular screen strapped to the back of her head? Why would they do that? Is it a scene in the story? Is “The Loveliest Librarian” a contest shown on television, and why aren’t you in it? Unless you’d rather picket it… : “I’m lovely and I’m almost a librarian.” Hmm… Okay, close enough. Apparently she likes to pose with her head tilted a particular way, and she seems to have got that idea from President Kennedy…

  5. I like her “first-grade certificate which allowed her to work as a full-fledged librarian in any type of library from books for retarded children to a special library for the science of architecture and design”.

  6. Does the cover remind anyone else of That Girl?
    (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re probably younger than I am.)

  7. I was at PLA as an exhibitor. I recommended your blog to a couple of people while I was there! 🙂

  8. the word is “drivel” not dribble (which is something babies do when they are teething)

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