The Living White House

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The Living White House coverThe Living White House

Submitter: You can see by the date written in pen at the bottom of the [copyright] page that this book was added to the collection in May 1975. Gerald Ford was already the president by then and he came after Richard Nixon!

Holly:  A nice little piece of White House history here, but there are lots of White House history books out there. An archive or museum or some sort of special collection might like this, though.

Living White House title page

People visiting Mrs. Johnson

Johnson wedding

Margaret and Lord Snowden

Lady Bird Johnson

White House Historical Association


  1. I’m really surprised that Lady Bird would be let herself be attributed as “Mrs Lyndon B Johnson” instead y’know, her name. She was pretty amazing in her own right, and was definitely not that kind of traditionalist.

    1. Back then, and especially when she was younger, women were always formally referred to by their husband’s names.

  2. That cake!!! I don’t think I ever saw one so tall, and with swans to boot. Yikes. It definitely deserves to be memorialized in a book.

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