The Homeless

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homeless coverThe Homeless

Submitter: While I agree that homelessness is a major issue, and that my students may want to learn more about it, this book hasn’t circulated since 1993, and the information is hopelessly outdated. Something more current is needed to replace this particular book (which was published when I was still in elementary school).

Holly: This is exactly the kind of thing that needs to be kept up-to-date in middle school libraries.  Kids can’t be expected to write reports with information from the 1980s. If you can’t afford to replace it, get rid of it anyway and rely on the abundance of good, free information online on this topic. The bibliography (last image below) is filled with other publications from the 1980s – also not helpful in 2013.

The Homeless back cover

Page 1 - Mama

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The Homeless

The Homeless - bibliography


  1. Actually, just searching your catalog for the name Elaine Landau is probably a good way to weed your teen section. She’s cranked out dozens of homework-help-type books since the 1980s. Not all of them are out of date, but most libraries likely have at least a few that should go.

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