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Making a Collection Count

The Future is Mail Order!


Mail Order Selling Made Easier

Yes, the book is really that cruddy looking. I can’t imagine why the medium-sized public library is still holding on to this. Maybe the dynamic cover? How about the cutting edge business ideas?  My guess is that this book hasn’t been touched since the mid 1990s.  Let it go. I promise you will feel better.


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4 Responses to The Future is Mail Order!

  • I despise these tricks and once I see them the mailpiece gets discarded instantly.

  • “Of course, you risk alienating the recipient if you deceive them into opening your letter.” Yes, that and the tip of disguising it to look like a personal letter are sure fire ways to get most of your recipients to rip up your letter and toss it in the garbage within 2 seconds of opening it.

    • I think the “personal letter” bit isn’t about pretending to be a message from a friend, but using a personal style of address in a business message. I don’t like completely impersonal messages, but I also don’t like creepy messages, like you used to get where they keep referring to your address; over-personalised.

      In the spreadsheet software of the 1980s, Lotus 1-2-3, one of the tips was to send out your form letter to say something like “This is a special offer for new customers” or “This is a special offer for valued customers” depending on whether or not the recipient was in fact an existing customer, and it struck me as a dirty trick. And performing data mail-merge in a spreadsheet was and is quite eccentric.

      http://www.girlgeniusonline.com deals mail order, or has done; they certainly used to keep the books in the basement, ready to send out, or so they said. But nowadays you use the internet for your distance selling business, unless you really don’t want to. Some information in the book may be still applicable, but overall it must be out-of-date.

  • I wonder if anyone that was not part of an enormous company has ever made any money with mail order? Also, I wonder if the reason the author is single is because he only rides a 3 speed bike. (Get a 10 speed buddy, it’ll give you the bad boy charm that all us girls love.)