The Flying Nun is Finished

Sally Field coverSally Field: A Biography

Submitter: Here’s a 1987 biography of Sally Field that is being weeded from our library (mostly for condition). I love that she’s rocking the jean jacket and feathered hair on the cover – it’s very 80s. Included are photos featuring her “They like me…they really like me” Oscar speech and her “happily ever after” (at least until 1993) marriage to Alan Greisman. There’s not really a newer biography of her, but a lot has happened to her in the last 30 years, most of which people can find online or in magazines.

Holly: Someone needs to write a new biography of Sally Field. She’s an icon! This book does not do her justice.


Mr. and Mrs. Alan Griesman

Sally and James Garner



  1. Sad that Sally only received one comment. Especially since she acted in some of the most iconic films of our time and has a current movie, Hello, My Name is Doris.

    1. We’re too depressed about the demise of the Flying Nun to comment? I did go see “Doris” last night — she was awesome! Not afraid to go to extremes to be true to the character — some actors would have pulled back, saving their dignity, but the move would have suffered. She’s so good. I hope she keeps getting parts.

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