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The Mature Man’s Guide to Style
Diet, Exercise, Fashion, and Grooming for a Man’s Best Years

Finally! A comprehensive book on diet, fashion, and grooming for the more mature man. It’s time to embrace your golden years!

There is lots of advice about hair. The over 40 set really needs the advice about hair pieces, preventing a uni-brow, and general manscaping. Attention to grooming is important for the mature man. There are also chapters on exercise, diet, and health concerns.

The best part is the fashion advice. No one wants to see the old man trying to look young. The mature man should aim for a traditional classy look. Quality fabrics and fit also go along way. There is even a fashion “don’t” list included. Thankfully, leisure suits have made the “don’t” list. I think I would like to live my remaining years never seeing another leisure suit again.


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    1. If nautical motifs are no-no’s, how can that sweater be OK? (How can that sweater be OK under any circumstances!)

  1. Re: belts that don’t buckle — I had a belt that didn’t technically have a buckle when I was little, like the one at the top of p. 181. It culminated at each end in a bent piece of metal that clasped with each other.

  2. Wow! Caterpillar eyebrows and a comb-over! Combine those with the Uber sexy cashmere sweater by Pringle and some Jantzen shorts with a paperback book stuffed down the front and it’s on! Sorry ladies and gents, he’s taken!!!!

    1. Lol I thought the same thing! It took me a few minutes but he does have a passing resemblance to the Captain Obvious character on the commercials….

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