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The Draft Dodger Handbook

IV-F: A Guide to Medical, Psychiatric, and Moral Unfitness Standards for Military Induction Suttler Revised Edition

Submitter: This book is a nice piece of social anthropology, but pretty much irrelevant today… for the time being, at least. Glad I did not grow up during a time when this book was necessary.

Holly: This book can help you decide if you are physically, mentally, or morally unfit to kill people in war.  All political beliefs aside, though, it’s definitely out of date.  Weeder!

0 Responses to The Draft Dodger Handbook

  • I’m sure I will not be alone in saying that this book would be a DEFINITE keeper for any library with a focus on American history, particularly of the Vietnam era. As an American Studies grad, I would love to see it myself!

  • In Vitro Fertilzation as a grounds for a deferment?

  • It was extremely difficult to get out of the draft. The draft lottery made it a moot point though, since everyone I knew (and cared about) came out low on the draft lottery. The lottery probably made this book obsolete almost immediately. Most of the guys I knew would have fled to Canada if their numbers had been higher. It was considered a life-and-death choice by most young men.

  • IVF means something different now…
    There could be a number of confused future parents picking up this book.

  • But… it’s the revised edition! How can it be out of date?

  • This is the rev.ed? What was the original version like?

  • It’s amazing that so many unfit people were drafted anyway—maybe they realized the guidelines were being used as a handbook for draft dodgers!

  • “IV-F” is 4-F in Roman numerals. 4-F is a military classification code for “Not Qualified for Military Service due to medical reasons.”

  • For a public library, this is not great, but I know that we received a copy of it at the Wisconsin Historical Society (where I worked in acquisitions) and of course added it. As an American history library, its a fantastic book for us!
    Also, thanks for the great blog. I discovered it a few weeks ago and was hooked.

  • Yeah, Weeder in more ways than one!

  • I would say that the more current source would be the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors’ handbook – even that may not be available. It was an excellent work, (geared toward qualifications for CO status, of course) and was still in print during the First Gulf War, when it was commonly accepted in anti-war circles that the draft could be imminent. Had some good information for persons in the service as well.

    The CCCO being out of commission, so to speak, means that despite the fact that the Selective Service system still exists and the draft may be reinstated, there may be no current resources on draft law for potential draftees.