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The Devil Made Me Do It

Coping with Satanism: Rumor, Reality, and Controversy
Ottens and Myer

Submitter: Ok, this book actually contains some interesting facts about satanism, but the cover is just incredibly silly.  I also kind of got the impression that the authors were trying to fill pages here (ie there is a section regarding the satanic influences of Dungeons and Dragons).  Though originally published in 1994, this revised edition is definitely a product of the “my child is listening to Marilyn Manson and possibly conducting animal sacrifice in the backyard” era.

Holly: Is Satanism something to be “coped” with?  Is it like learning to cope with chronic illness or the neighbor’s constantly barking dog?  I’d say it’s a little more serious than just an annoyance you have to cope with.

The customer reviews on Amazon.com are not very positive (although at least one of them was written by a self-proclaimed Satanist, so they’re not necessarily unbiased either).  My favorite line from the review written by CarrieB: “When you read this book, you’ll know just how easy it is to go from being a casual Iron Maiden fan to baby killer and grave-robber! Don’t say I didn’t warn you, sinner!”

Hey!  I listen to Iron Maiden!

0 Responses to The Devil Made Me Do It

  • I’ve found that publisher Rosen used to be TERRIBLE with their nonfiction series… the Everything You Need to Know series is godawful. Now they have at least one new series (Tattooing) that is actually pretty great.

    I did a weeding project for library school recently and found that at least 10% of my weeds came from Rosen.

  • At first, I thought it said “Humor, reality and Controversy.”

  • Up the irons!

  • I collect old anti-D&D propaganda (judge me as you will), and I’ve never seen this one. If there’s a library out there that is interested in selling their copy for a reasonable price, I’d be glad to help you get rid of it.

  • Oh my! I listen to Marilyn Manson, so I’m going to sacrifice kitties.

  • Ah, yes, the “Coping With…” series. It has dozens of titles in it, many of which are sitting on school library shelves right now. I sure did buy a number of them in my years as a school librarian.

    As far as it appearing as if they were just “filling in some pages”, I suspect they are. The series books from Rosen, Lucent, and so on are almost always exactly 96 pages long, or some other pre-assigned number. They content has to fit into that number no matter how much content there is.

    I did do a project on series books for a class at Rutgers (a class on non fiction for YAs in their Professional Development classes). I read a number of series books about self-mutilation. I chose that one primarily because I knew we had a number of books on it in my library from various series publishers. Interestingly, I found that many of them weren’t all that bad despite being cookie cutter-like.

    • “Cookie cutter” being the appropriate term when discussing self-mutilation.

      Sorry–couldn’t resist!

  • I love that satanism is something you have to “cope” with. I cope with having bunions or being stuck in a traffic jam or having the washing machine break down. When it comes to worshipping Satan, I’m not sure that “coping” is the way to handle things.

    Q: Hey, you know they’re sacrificing animals in the backyard?

    A: Yeah, but I’m coping with it.

  • Amanda, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Rosen’s “Everything you need to know” series was AWESOME.

    Especially Beth Wilkinson’s “Coping with the Dangers of Tattooing, Body Piercing, and Branding.”

  • those pointy sideburns are a dead giveaway; SATANIST!

  • The guy on the cover looks kind of like a Sataned up version of Ryan from The Office.

  • Honestly it is not that serious. Some of the sweetest people I have ever met were Satanists of the LeVay variety.

  • It has been suggested that most Satanists are just Goth kids hiding from the sun in some parent’s basement. This cover almost confirms said theory.

  • if satanism’s s’posed to be scary and evil, why’s their ‘cover boy’ so dang hot?

    • Because Lucifer/The Morning Star is described as one of God’s most beautiful angels. Satan is actually supposed to be extremely good looking in order to draw more people in.

      Think about it – which would you rather worship? A guy with red skin, claws, and pointed horns or a guy who looks like some cross between a GQ model and a male stripper?

      • Which pretty much backs up the notion that the anti-Christ is not going to look like (or be) Marilyn Manson but look and act more along the lines of someone like Pat Sajak.

  • Are all males who worship Satan topless?

  • Ugh, the Tattooing and Body Piercing title is one of the worst books ever.

    And yes. Satanists are constantly topless and chiseled. CHISELED.

  • Nonsense. Telling people that 1) prisoners do nothing but tattoo each other once the lights go out and 2) you’ll be trapped in a gang forever if you let them mark you with their tattoo is A VALUABLE PUBLIC SERVICE.

  • My favorite part of that book was the picture of the mother holding a child and the caption that suggests having tattoos makes you a terrible parent. Awesome!

  • I have to disagree about the D&D stuff being filler. My family’s fundamentalist. They seriously believe that RPGs cana lead to possession.

    • I think it’s like blaming tv for violence. If your kids play D&D and start worshiping Satan then you failed somewhere as a parent. Just like if your kids watch the A-Team and start being violent, you failed as a parent.

      I believe in God and I play D&D. I’ve also played Vampire: The Masquerade, Classic Marvel Super Heroes, a DC comics based game, and RPGs that people made up themselves that were some mix thereof. I’m also a fan of the Evil Dead movies, read the comic books, love the whole Freddy VS Jason VS Ash. Not about to worship Satan because my parents raised me better then that. I also grew up watching The A-Team and other violent shows and the only person I’m libel to shoot is a pedophile. I don’t use violence to solve my problems.

      Like I said in the book about Satanic sexual abuse – since all myths have some basis in fact I’m sure there’s some teenager whom at some point went from playing D&D to worshiping Satan, but they could’ve just as easily became Satanists by listening to – oh geez, what was that boy band from the 80s? Menudo? Menodo? I can’t remember. I didn’t listen to 80s music in the 80s. I was listening to things like big band and disco.

      Anyway – it’s because someone failed as a parent, not because of a role playing game. Blaming the RPG is scapegoating.

      So yeah, it’s filler. Weed this book.

      • Exactly…just because event A precedes event B doesn’t meant that A *caused* B.

        Listening to heavy metal or playing D&D doesn’t lead to worshipping Satan or a life of violent crime or committing suicide.

        I’m sure if you asked everyone serving time in prison, you’d find that almost all of them watched “Sesame Street” or played baseball as a child. Therefore (using the same faulty logic used with the D&D/heavy metal arguments) “Sesame Street” and baseball will cause your children to end up in jail.

  • When I was in junior high, I had a classmate who was allegedly a satanist. There was a rumor going around school that her cat had seven kittens, and she burned one every day for a week. When we got to high school, she dyed her hair blonde and became a cheerleader, but I still thought “animal sacrifice” every time I saw her.

    At any rate, I’m sure most satanists are just friendly, law-abiding, animal loving people with off facial hair.

  • I think i need help. are there any like… self help groups in the book? maybe you could share some numbers Holly, cos i’m wearing all black, i own a black cat and TWO MARILYN MANSON ALBUMS. you have to help me. i don’t want to sacrifice any hamsters.

  • @jamisings – Menudo clearly is a product of the devil.

  • Thanks for another book I can pull off my shelf. I have the 1994 edition with a lovely orange cover and a girl opening a door to a giant pentagram. Lovely.

  • Statistically there’s no more satanists between players of D&D than any other kind of group

  • Growing up on a remote Scottish island in the 1970s we always used to put people we didn’t like into the Wicker Man and have a bonfire.

    Didn’t do me any harm.

  • That boy on the cover is actually kind of cute. I dunno…he looks like he might be dancing in a gay bar, not practicing Satanism.

    • Yeah, first thing I thought when I saw the cover was that that picture would work well for an ad for a gay bar, or a “Get Tested – Know Your Status” ad.

  • The guy on the cover looks like my brother. Maybe he IS a satanist. It would explain a lot of things…

  • wow this site just got weirder with these recent books,and so the comments are also going into weirder territory. I would go back to some lightweight book material,please. Whenever religion gets into a blog is just bogs it all down,man.

  • I can just imagine them killing a goat, putting its head on a stick, and dancing around a fire while THIS plays in the background.