The Day the Senior Class Got Married

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Day the Senior Class Got Married coverThe Day the Senior Class Got Married

Today’s Friday Fiction is a cautionary tale about getting married too young. Lori, a child of divorce, is planning to get married after high school graduation and really start being an adult. Lucky for her, the Econ class she has is going to do a simulated marriage so the teens can see what is really involved. Then reality hits. Decisions! Life goals! Priorities! Lori finds out that perfect boy Garrick isn’t as great as she thought. By the end of the book, Lori has figured out quite a bit about her future and decides not to get married (for real) to poor Garrick.

The book wasn’t bad, and I am sure I would have read it in heartbeat when I was in high school. But hey, these kids are almost my contemporaries!


Day the Senior Class Got Married - back cover

Day the Senior Class got Married exerpt

Day the Senior Class got Married exerpt


  1. As someone who got married at 18, (and divorced at 33) I’d really find this interesting to read. I’d love to get my hands on it! If it’s being weeded, I’ll take it!

  2. Goodness! Was there really a time once when the name Courtney was considered posh? It’s pure bogan now.

  3. In economics class senior year (1975) we did household expenses/income, which taught just as much without the marriage bit.

    I have to admit, I got married right out of high school, to my high school sweetheart! I don’t recommend it, it would have been better if we had gone to college first, but it did last until his death 29 years later.

    I want to know what Garrick spent $400 on. Anyone know?

  4. I remember a classmate in Gr. 13 (which we used to have in Ontario, CA, in those days) who was already married. She seemed a sensible, steady young woman. Nearly forty years ago. I wonder whether they made it.

    @Lisa – Garrick’s $400 expenditure? Now I had to know, so I checked – about acquiring the book, I mean. Multiple used copies are running around $4 to $5, with shipping free in the U.S. (in which I’m not). Anybody up for it?

  5. “Lori finds out that perfect boy Gerrick Garak isn’t as great as she thought.”

    Yes. Crushing on a member of the Obsidian Order makes for a very complicated relationship.

  6. This came out the year my ex left me… 🙂 I thought I knew him better than that. I might bite for this book, if it’s on Amazon. I have “credit”.

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