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As I type this, one of my “well-trained” cats is sitting on my desk, pushing items off onto the floor. Right now, there is a battery, usb cord, and 3 pennies on the floor after her helpful re-arranging of the desk. I know what she is thinking:

Why is this crap all over my nap space?

Other topics that cats think about:

-The food choices around here suck.

-The other cat is annoying me.

-There is a leaf blowing across the porch.

-The vacuum is evil and must be destroyed.


See? No need for a book. Problem solved!

Now, go make a cup of tea, put on your cardigan and pick up your latest read and don’t worry about what your cat is thinking. I am positive it is not good.


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  1. I sometimes worry what my cats think when they see me coming out of the shower. My older cat seems very fond of being in the bathroom with me, where she demands I pet and cuddle her there and nowhere else.

  2. Some years ago, my brother sent me this book with a note on the cover which read “I think we know the answer to this question.” Darn those dog lovers.

  3. Cats clearly think. My youngest cat (Bartholomew, who thinks I’m his mom) thinks my partner is evil–after all, she takes attention away from him! No one watching Bartholomew watch his stepmom could possibly believe he wasn’t thinking terrible thoughts about her.

  4. I had a cat who had theories about the nature of the world and acted in accordance with those theories. For instance, every window shows a different “outside,” so a Good Cat has to sit on each windowsill to watch that window’s outside… even if there are three windows right next to each other.

    The question was never, “Does he think?” but rather, “How did he come to THAT conclusion?!?”

    1. After seeing the first snowfall out the front door, our cat would “demand” to be let out the back door, hoping it was still summer out there…if only!

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