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The Book Finder: A Guide to Children’s Literature about the Needs and Problems of Youth Aged 2-15

It’s National Library Week! 

Time to consider weeding those professional collections.

Submitter: My library is doing away with its reference collection; items will be re-integrated into the circulating collection or weeded. I found this particular book in the juvenile reference section, on a very dusty shelf that never gets touched. While I like the idea of being able to find a book on a particular topic when a child is asking for it, there are many, many other sources I would use before I would pick up this particular volume. It’s ridiculously dated, and most of the titles in this book aren’t even in our collection anymore. I could see it being a useful addition to a SLIS library or archive, but in a public library it’s just taking up valuable shelf space.

Holly:  We have a new “book finder” these days. It’s called the online catalog.

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4 Responses to The Book Finder

  • In it’s day, this was considered a good selection tool for children’s librarians as well as a guide for parents and reader advisors. But it is way too old and out of date to be useful now.

  • I have not so fond memories as a clerk in a major library system ‘children’s room’ during the early 80s, working through the index of this book to annotate which books we owned…

  • It’s too old to list any of D—s S—d’s books. I would enjoy seeing what a professional guide like this would say about them.

  • Oh, back in the day I loved that book. I hadn’t thought about that in a long long time.