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Save That Backscratcher coverThe Berenstain Bear Scouts Save That Backscratcher

Submitter: I am a school librarian at a public K-4 school. I recently decided to clean up and relabel some Berenstain Bear chapter books in hopes to get them circulating. I found this one in the mix. I actually cleaned it up and relabeled it with the rest of the set. I made sure my AR label covered the creepy guy in the background though. I am sure kids wouldn’t think twice about that cover but some parents might!

Holly: Ha ha! I didn’t notice it at first, but he is a bit “into it” with the hat strategically placed. Ewww.



  1. Oh, stop being silly! My kids had this book (and probably a hundred more Berenstain Bear books) and it’s obvious the bear is scratching his back! Grow up people!

  2. I used to wonder why bears are always scratching their backs against trees. So I tried it myself, and I quickly found out. Mmmmmmmmmmm! 🙂
    Seriously though, there are a number of BB books that I think deserve to be on ALB more than this one. Like the one where Sister Bear gets beaten up by a school bully, and then later they both get in trouble for fighting with the principal, and other cub mentions that she won’t be able to “sit down for a week” when her own parents find out. Sister realizes that the bully must be the way she is because she has abusive parents. So, Sister is not punished for fighting, and the bully starts going to therapy. That’s it. We never hear if the bully’s parents get any karma.

    1. That might not be a bad way to present the (sad) truth that not every bully reforms. However, I would like someone like a school therapist to weigh in on that, since I’m not one.

  3. Actually, I’ve had plenty of students who would have zeroed in on the guy behind the tree. I just takes one kid to notice and share with the rest of the class.

  4. I like the follow-up berenstain bears save that standing rock but in the end the bears just get tear-gassed 🙁

  5. At my library, the Berenstain Bears books seem to be “privileged”. Like Babar or Curious George, it doesn’t matter how virulently I dislike them–they get checked out, and that’s what counts.

  6. I must be missing something. Having read a zillion of these when my son was little, I knew right away that that “creepy guy” is actually the dad of the family who is probably the leader of the scout troop. I think it is a stretch to worry about it. A BIG stretch!

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