The 80s Style in a Nutshell

Cristina Ferrare Style coverCristina Ferrare Style
How Have It In Every Part of Your Life
DeLorean and Cohen

If you were alive and paying attention in the 1980s, you might recognize Cristina as the 3rd wife of John DeLorean, designer of the Back to the Future car/time machine , Currently, Cristine can be seen on the Hallmark Channel’s show Home & Family and authoring cookbooks. This book is essentially the 80s in a nutshell. We have big hair, leg warmers, shiny fashions, Golden Door Spa diets, and of course a husband on trial (and aquitted) for cocaine trafficking.

Aside from the micro 80s experience, I can’t see a reason for a public library to hang on to this. To the public library holding this: What are you waiting for?

I will be in the back looking for my Jane Fonda exercise tapes if anyone needs me.


PS: I also found this somewhat recent pop culture reference on the show the Goldbergs and DeLorean’s daughter being not too enthusiastic over at Jalopnik.

Cristina Ferrare back cover

Fortuny gown

short hair options

metallic dress

water with bran

Rear End Whittle exercise

Cristina's bedroom



  1. I was a kid in the 80’s so I remember it mainly from a kid’s perspective. Like getting up at dawn on Saturday to watch Pac-Man cartoons while eating Strawberry Shortcake cereal. Ah, the memories. 🙂

    1. That was about the only vaugely sensible tip. I drink a glass of psyllium husks in water each day for similar reasons. Mind you, I’m extremely careful to do it between meals, so it doesn’t fill me up. I’ve heard diet-obsessive types do it as meal replacement, which would be dangeous, because that sort of roughage has no nutritional value in itself.

  2. What on earth are they cuddling with in the first picture? A Lowland Gorilla? Or is it some peculiar garment Mom is wearing? And speaking of peculiar, the priceless antique Fortuny gown may be all that, but the fit is most strange and unflattering. But, I suppose a publisher that wouldn’t spring for a good copy-editor to fix the writing (“John and I dressed for a party” — together? Well, he wasn’t much help with the fit of her dress, was he. Or perhaps “A picture of John and me dressed for a party” is the sense intended.”) wouldn’t spring for a stylist either. But when I was doing fashion work, this would never have passed muster. I do like the sea serpent in the bathroom, however.

    1. The fit of the “priceless” gown may be why we can barely see the majority of it. That custom gown in the lower picture is even worse, though. The antique gown, though probably not a smart purchase if it looks weird, at least can’t be blamed for looking awful if it was designed for someone else. The custom one, though, has no excuse. I know it was the ’80s, but jeez.

      Also, does anyone else think she looks like Tom Cruise in the top picture of the hairstyle page?

  3. As I saw the pictures, the theme music from “Falcon Crest” and “Dallas” went pulsing through my head…..

    And this appears to be proof that Paris Hilton and the Kardashians didn’t invent the “famous for being famous” celebrity shtick……

  4. Note that she’s not STANDING to model her antique gown. I feel better about my “Polish hourglass” figure!

  5. In those days you had to be a minor celebrity, or at least married to one, and publish a whole book showing the mundane details of your meaningless life.

    Nowadays, thanks to social networking, everybody can do that all the time forever & ever on the Internet. What progress; thanks technology!

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