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The 1970s @ Your Library

Macrame Made Easy

Direct from the 1970s…. macrame @ yourlibrary

Always a favorite here at the ALB home office, macrame always screams 1970s for everyone. Granted, I wouldn’t be surprised if macrame enjoys a resurgence (if it hasn’t already) but the projects and condition of these books are generally a weeding slam dunk.

In case anyone is interested, I had the same hair and barrettes thing going on in 1973, as portrayed by the cover, and I am quite sure that I had that purse with the big loop handles.

My big question is what the heck is that woman in the the blue cape thing hugging or stroking? Or do I not want to know?


Feeling Groovy in 2013,


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9 Responses to The 1970s @ Your Library

  • She holding/stroking a dog, but he/she’s situated in such a way it’s hard to tell.

  • I’m almost positive that that’s a teddy bear. I think I see a nose up by her chin.

    I have fond memories of macrame, but not so much that I feel the need to enrich my life with any of the items pictured in any of these books.

  • A lot of it looks more like crochet (which is closely related), especially the little capelets…

  • Oh, do I ever remember the macrame craze. We all had to make at least one plant hanger (complete with large beads). I actually found mine several years ago, doing some cleaning out. I ended up throwing it out. My friend had what I thought was a wonderful wall hanging. Not!

  • I think it is a teddy bear with his arm up to hide his face. (No, please don’t put my picture in this book!)

  • It looks like a jointed teddy bear with the arms and legs bent backwards for some reason.
    Every time I see the name Eunice I think of Mama’s Family.

  • Oh, that must be a handbag on the cover in the top right picture, then? I was trying to make it into a plant container but couldn’t figure out why it would have a hinged frame like that. Totally could not identify the orange arc thing! LOL, I do have a wall hanging made by a dear friend in the early 1970s. She had some artistic talent, though, unlike whoever designed the items here.

  • I remember the creepy, dust collecting macrame owls. I think my mum had some hanging in the family room, but I knew of other family friends who had them. The older they were the scarier they looked.

  • I’ve been reading all these posts on macrame books. I then looked on my library’s website and did a search for macrame. Guess what? Nothing! Guess they’ve weeded all of them, if they ever carried any at all.

    I have “The Hippie Handbook” by Chelsea Cain. I got it in 2004 (when it was published), and it has a chapter on macrame, naturally. I almost got compelled to try it when I first got the book, but haven’t as of yet. I did try tie-dying, however, as well as making “pinto pants.” This is similar to tie-dying, but using bleach instead on a pair of twisted-up pants and soaking them in water filled with bleach.