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That’s Quite a Look

Emily's Daughter coverEmily’s Daughter

The only reason I even noticed this book was that horrible dress on the cover. This is something to behold. The peplum is simply out of control (too much “pep” in the peplum?) and the veil makes this poor bride look like wadded up tissue was just glued to her body. However, since the cover caught my eye, I guess the cover art works.

The story itself is pretty good. Family dysfunction, unplanned pregnancy and a bunch of secrets are on tap for this book.  I started in on the first couple of chapters and was hooked pretty fast. The book is fine and a nice addition to any popular romance collection. (The book is fine, but the dress needs to be weeded promptly!)


Emily's Daughter back cover

Dear Reader

Emily's Daughter teaser

4 Responses to That’s Quite a Look

  • It also looks like the dress was crocheted when you look at the bottom part.

  • I’ve seen a lot of ugly wedding dresses in my day (leg o’ mutton sleeves, anyone?), but this is perhaps one of the worst. Sounds like a great book to have a giggle over, though.

  • I suppose a dress like that would both hide and distract from a baby bump.

  • Yes, and that could explain all that midsection bunchiness — there’s only so much you can do with that crochet-in-tubes apparatus they used to sell on late-night TV! It kind of reminds me of those dolls with skirts you can buy to hide your spare roll of toiletpaper LOL — but I guess in her case she attached it to her head instead.