That’s One Badminton

Badminton - coverBadminton
Sports Techniques Series
The Athletic Institute

Submitter: Make them go away!  These sports books are the walking dead of our collection–never quite eliminated. They keep staggering into view. I’m sure the game and terminology hasn’t changed much since 1969, but I’ll be looking for a replacement with color illustrations and players who don’t look embalmed.  The cover is so boring, no middle schooler here has ever opened it–oh, what they were missing!  Another one bites the dust!

Holly: Oooh, yeah. If this was for middle schoolers, the cover alone is the kiss of death.




Badminton grip and cocking

Badminton - scoring

Defensive Clears, Attacking Clears, Smash, and drop



  1. The middle-schoolers might find opening the book worth it with all the snickering and immaturity.

  2. players who don’t look embalmed
    Please tell me I’m not the only one picturing The Sports Technique of Dorian Gray. In 1969 they were playing badminton; in 2017 many of them are … oh, never mind.


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