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Terrible or Tender
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Who doesn’t love the subtitle of “Terrible or Tender”?

We featured a book from this series back in 2010 called Your Three Year Old: Friend or Enemy. This was a series by Gesell Institute of Child Development out of Yale University. Both of the books have excellent credentials and much of the information is still relevant, however, it looks dated and a new edition would be appropriate. As a parent, I actually kind of like the good vs evil theme for the subtitle. There are moments when your child is a complete monster and at least this book puts it out there in the title.



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  1. People seem to think these are great books (Don’t have children, so I can’t comment on that) but these covers are so old and awful that they are going to seriously hamper circulation. Not to mention that some methods of discipline, which were socially acceptable 45 years ago – Spanking anyone? – are no longer so.
    If at all possible, I would replace them and weed the old ones. (At worst, get them re-bound or manage to ‘lose’ the jackets.)

  2. Sorry, I loooove these books, although I think you can get a slightly less dated cover. There is something very reassuring about the parenting standards of yesteryear.

  3. It’s amazing how much better I like the ones with the new covers. Funny, I don’t feel that I’m that superficial when I’m weeding.

    By far the best title in the series:
    Your Three-Year-Old : Friend or Enemy


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