Tender Loving Cat Care

Tender Loving Cat Care coverDr. Kritsick’s Tender Loving Cat Care: The Concerned Owner’s Guide to the Growth, Nuturance, and Day-to-Day Care of a Cat

Submitter: Dr. Kritsick’s “tender loving” cat care guide reads like an exhaustive list of every possible way a cat can die a grizzly death. Some headings include: “Chemical Burns,” “Electric Shock,” “Scorpions,” “Toad Bites,” and “Porcupine Encounter.” The illustrations are straight out of feline Hieronymus Bosch nightmare scene featuring crudely drawn depictions of cats being force-fed, cats vomiting while suspended in air, feline anal penetration, and a cat bleeding into a child’s sock

Holly: Warning! Before you click through to the images below, brace yourself. And maybe turn your monitor so unsuspecting passersby don’t get an eyeful. Just sayin’. They’re pencil drawings, but Submitter is not exaggerating with the “Hieronymus Bosch nightmare scene” description.

rectal thermometer

artificial respiration

holding cat's mouth open

incorrect way to hold a cat




  1. I think that this book is actually a “scared straight” ploy to get you to make regular checkups with your local vet.

  2. This is like “The Worst Case Scenario” book for cat owners. In fact, I own a WCS book that shows how to save a cat that is choking. It has an illustration of a guy using the Heimlich maneuver on a cat, although it looks more funny than horrifying.

  3. This is an awful book! Imagine if a child stumbled across it while looking for a book to help him or her learn to care for a new kitten! Destroy it, and then hunt down all the other copies, and destroy them too.

    1. Is it really that awful, though? Yes, it’s showing terrible things happening to cats, but in the context of how to save their lives if it happens to them for real. If you want to teach someone really useful first aid, at some point you have to show them what a really serious injury looks like, if only so they are a little bit more mentally prepared for seeing the real thing.

      That said, however, the cover and the title give almost no warning about this stuff. Some sort of “Content may be inappropriate for children” warning would help, at the least. And thirty years is a long time in vetinary medicine, too.

  4. I’m amused by the idea of needing a picture telling you the incorrect way to hold a cat. You KNOW if you’re holding a cat wrong, as the cat will loudly inform you!

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