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Telecomm Careers

Telecommunications Careers
Series:High-tech careers

Submitter: This was my favorite weed this year.  The best way to show students why I was weeding the collection was to show them the car phone (photo below).

Holly: Ha ha ha ha!!  Mary’s head just turned 360° (as it always does with old career books).  Really?  1988?  We can do better than this for career books in a field that is absolutely booming right now.


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  • “Engineers studying ease of placing and receiving calls while driving. ”
    I can tell you how this one turns out! They discover that it is very easy, but the downside is that people tend to drive into things, weave all over the road, and blow through stoplights.

    • There’s an idea for a new law, though–“from now on, phone calls may only be made or received in a moving car on a phone permanently installed in the back seat.”

      Our roads would be safe for at least a month, until the late-night infomercial people develop a contraption for driving the car from the back seat.

  • I forwarded this to a friend who still works in this field, and he replies:

    “Good Lord….. what kind of car are they driving? A K-car? 🙂 No, make that a 1978 Plymouth Horizon….

    I suspect that the technology shown in the picture was obsolete even in ’88…. I remember selling car phones at Radio Shack in the early ’90s that were about as compact and as complex to set up as a deluxe CB radio.


  • This reminds me of a career test I took in high school. They recommended telephone-line repair person. My bf-at-the-time’s dad was in fiber optics at AT&T and phonelines were already being replaced.

  • Where’s the car phone? I don’t see any… you’re kidding, right? That thing in the back seat is the car phone ???

  • Nice. I wonder what the health risks of mobile phone usage were back then? And what was the range? Driving Miss Daisy while incurring massive roaming charges at the end of your driveway.

  • You should have seen the picture with the old Brother word processor in the back seat for testing the feasibility of texting while driving.

    (I kid, I kid)

  • The hell? But you can’t take it with you…

  • Wow, and we used to joke about how large and unwieldy the mobile phone we had in the mid-90s was. At least that one fit in our car’s (large) glove compartment rather than taking up an entire seat!

  • Worried about “Car phone engineer’s” BEARD. Al Quaeda, or what?

  • once again, going to get sacked for laughing at the Reference Desk…..

  • I like his “Laptop”!