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Teeth are fun

Tooth Survival Book coverThe Tooth Survival Book
American Dental Association

I think it is a  great idea for there to be a book about dental care for kids.  I don’t know how much is different in terms of dental care since 1977, so we shouldn’t weed based on age alone.  My gripe is that the illustrations are a bit creepy. (I am totally willing to own my dental anxiety, and frankly these pictures don’t really ease my mind)

First we have the decay picture.  Okay, I get it. (Reminds me of the fungus in that commercial or the cartoon mucus in the other commercial.) Not really fond of this, but I can live with it.

But now we have the example of the root canal!

YIKES! That drill doesn’t look scary at all! This visual about killed me. I can’t imagine kids finding any comfort in the giant drill scraping away the insides of the tooth.  By the way, is a root canal a common procedure for a kid? Anyway, I am all for dental hygiene and having materials available for kids on all matters dental.  I do know that pain and fear management has come a long way in dental care.  I used to dread any procedure way back in the day.  Now my dentist gives me a nice Xanax pill and headphones and I am no worse for wear.

Smile pretty everyone!


tooth diagram

bone abscess in tooth

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