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Teen Wheels

Your First Car

“Hey, Suzie, great sweater!”

“Thanks, George.  Groovy car!”

“She’s all mine!  Paid for her with my checks from the roller skating rink.”

“Totally tubular!”

Weed it, please.


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  • No,I think she owns the car and for punishment,he’s washing it. Actually you’re trying to punish us for posting this!

    My first car? 1973 Volkswagon Beetle.
    Recent antique car I drive and fix: 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback(grocery getter) and for gas sipping it’s 2007 Toyota Corolla,I guess I like smaller cars.

  • It is an article of faith where I live, (redneckville where a first car is never new and often no car is ever new) that a first car is NOT EVER “safe, reliable and trouble free.” That’s the fun part.

  • I had a sweater like that when I was in middle school….

  • LOL my parents actually gave me a second hand copy of this when I got my first car. And that was in 1998!

    That said, I seem to recall the book did have some helpful, yet basic, information, such as checking your brakes regularly, and changing your oil, etc.

  • Oh my gosh! I remember checking this one out!

  • Dana Plato? no…… Kristi McNichol absolutely! I can even see this being lifted from a still shot of the old ‘Family’ TV show.