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A Teen-Age Guide to Healthy Skin and Hair
Lubowe and Huss

Now available for all the teens: healthy skin and hair. Washing (and using soap!) can make a huge difference in your appearance. Although directed at boys and girls, clearly the girls have more issues and concerns. Girls can lose jobs or not get asked out if they are not vigilant with skin and hair care. I guess boys just need to change underwear regularly and wash up. Note the picture of the boys haircuts and the suggestion of a fake mustache.

Obviously this is a weeder for SO many reasons, not the least being recommending a fake mustache to a teenager or telling a girl she won’t get the job, regardless of her skills, unless she is put together.


PS. Is that Cybil Shepherd on the cover?

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  1. What do you mean, a fake moustache isn’t an instant chick magnet? 😀
    And my guess would be that it’s indeed Cybill Shepherd, but it could just be a lookalike.

  2. I identified her as Cybill Shepherd before you even mentioned her. She started out as a model, and I assume this picture was not taken specifically for this book and was also likely from the late ’60s.

  3. Another problem here is that, while the advice is generic, people of color may have different skin needs than white people. For example, my adopted sister is black, and she’s had issues with dry skin on her legs and arms since she was a tiny child; also, she wears her hair natural, and that requires a different sort of care.

    Maybe this should be replaced by two or three different books?

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