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Teen Sex or Teen Dating?

Like It Is: A Teen Sex Guide
Lieberman and Troccoli

Submitter: It’s from 1998 but I thought it was going to be a lot older based on the cover.

Holly:  Watch your hands, Pal!  I would have guessed 1980’s, too.  How about this title instead?  Wait, I can’t see his other hand….


The Dating Book

0 Responses to Teen Sex or Teen Dating?

  • What is going on with those hands in “Like It Is”?
    Is he talking on a hidden cell phone? Getting ready to push her off of that bench?

    I wonder what fantastic crack the publisher was smoking to think that teens of ’98 would refer to a book as corny looking as that?

  • I especially like her bow tie. Wouldn’t it be so embarassing to be one of those models?

  • I remember THE DATING BOOK. It was one of those titles available through those fliers you’d get at school, and if you bought x number of books you’d get a ‘Mork & Mindy’ poster. Alas, I did not purchase that one, as I was but twelve in 1983 and although curious about the dynamics of dating, didn’t have much of an interest in actually doing it.

  • Bowtie girl is pretty much my 7th grade school photo. Both the outfit and the random braid.

    1998? Really?

  • i think these kids were drawn to each other because of their equally questionable taste in hairstyle.

    and really, how often does one encounter a viking maiden in a bowtie? eating a big ol’ burger w/chachi?

  • Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. I want to know what advice they give.

  • The guy in the white looks like he may work at a mental institution, and the girl a patient that he has finally convinced to “come down from the ledge, there are no flesh eating yellow rabbits”

    As for the second book, it seems that young mr blue sweater asked mrs light blue sweater to go out and paint the town blue, starting at the blue burger bar, but with the two ten pound burgers, one napkin and hep A flavoured shared-coke, I feel that disaster is the only outcome of this date.

  • 1998? Really? Looks like 1989 or 1990 for my money.
    And speaking of Chachi, has any seen that abominable series Baio’s been on recently?

  • Something tells me these books aren’t even remotely “like it is.”

  • I’m guessing that first book is an updated edition of an ’80s book. In which case, why didn’t they update the cover?

  • Camp Crystal Lake popped into my head. It looks like Jason is going to come running out at any second. Is that two girls? The title doesn’t even make sense.

    I’m sure that girl looks back on this and shudders at having to wear that bow tie.

  • This is so funny! I often cringe whenever I see pictures of myself in the eighties.

  • Is it just me, or is the girl in the bow tie stealing the boy’s fries?

  • First book written by a husband/wife team. Would love to know how many teens they had prior to putting pen to paper.

    Second book: Note that PatrickB NEVER ever EVER did the ‘two straws/one glass’ thing. That’s just … I don’t know. If nothing else it’s cheap ass…”I only got enough $ for one soda since you ordered an entire burger special!”

  • Hey, isn’t that Sarah Jessica Parker from Square Pegs on the cover of the second book?

  • How times have changed, where we really that nieve in those days?

  • I would buy that book and add it to my collection of funny stuff. Haha. Anyway the picture served its purpose to caught our attention. I wonder if they still publish dating books in modern times.