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Submitter: We weed our collections on a yearly regular schedule and I can usually breathe a sigh of relief when I check our catalog for books featured on ALB because we don’t own them.  Our collection is pretty well maintained, if I do say so.  But sometimes things slip through the cracks!  I found this gem while pulling hold items on the same topic.  I’m just glad the customer hadn’t placed this one on hold.  The scan of the cover doesn’t really do its condition justice.  It just looks dingy, old, and well, awful!  Most of the general information isn’t bad, but all of the statistics are from the late 70’s or mid-80’s.

Holly: The cover really dates this book.  Yeah – 25 years is a bit long to hang on to a book on this topic.  I can only imagine how far from reality “Chapter 2: Money” is!

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  1. Well, the title font is a little dubious, but what exactly is going on in the cover illustration? What’s he doing in the background?

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