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Teen health and David Bowie

Anorexia and Bulimia
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You all know I have had it with teen nonfiction sections that seem to harbor old books.  ‘Nuff said.  Fast forward to the other day when I came across this book .  I was mid rant when I noticed the bedroom decor  featuring David Bowie.  Look familiar?   Remember the posting on teen pregnancy where another sad 80’s teen had a David Bowie bedroom?  (Click here to refresh your memory!) Now it seems our poor teen not only is pregnant but now has bulimia.  She really needs a better family or therapist.  I smell reality tv series!



Of course this is an awesome bedroom:

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  • I wonder why bulemia is so much larger than anorexia on the cover. I also wonder about the caption that states bulemics will not allow themselves even a taste of their favorite food. Isn’t that more likely for anorexics?

  • That is so funny! Same scene, same “teen” who is even wearing the same outfit. At least in this one she looks happy. Maybe if they photoshopped Justin Beiber into all those posters…

  • Every 20 minutes a teenager is stricken with bulimia and pregnancy. We have to save this poor child before the auto accidents start!

  • Clearly she is not “Pretty in Pink” listening to a “Heartbreak Beat.”

    (sorry, I got all nostalgic for the Psychedelic Furs.)

    • “Until She Comes” to understand that she’s not in “Heaven” where “Angels Don’t Cry” but that her reflection is telling her that “The Ghost in You” is in the book about teenage pregnancy, she’ll never get “All That Money Wants.”

      Sorry–also a Furs fan!

  • Oh, be still my Bowie-loving heart!!! It would be great to own every single of these stupid books with the same room in them. Don’t you think?

  • It wasn’t another teen–it was the same one! Same bedroom, same mirror, same girl. Poor thing!

  • She’s even wearing the same jumper in both books!

  • She’s happier about being bulimic than she was about being pregnant. I don’t know, tough choice there.

  • You can see the feet of a Duran Duran poster by her mirror in the second pic too — it’s the full-body version of this early promo pic: http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/500/11150797/Duran+Duran.jpg

    I can’t seem to find the full version of that poster online, but if you check this recolored photo from the same photo shoot you can see the same boots you can see in the “Anorexia and Bulimia” picture: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_uB-0D-gV8mY/SlANd_mFJ8I/AAAAAAAAWYU/Lk5McLp1ktc/s1600/duran%2Bduran

  • She does seem happier about the bulimia than the pregnancy… maybe she is happy that she fits back in her sweater?

    Does David Bowie know he causes pregnancy and bulimia in american teenage girls?

    • Clearly all they needed to do was redecorate this poor girl’s bedroom, and all her problems would be solved!

  • Ladies… please join me in welcoming, back to the ALB stage… the David Bowie super-awesome bedroom!!!

  • Anything featuring that much Bowie can’t not be awesome.

  • That picture of the girl in the hospital bed with the duck shirt is hilarious.

  • WhenI first read this post’s title I thought it said, “Teeth Health and David Bowie.”

    • Well, he has rather obviously had his teeth done since the sixties, given by the very even smile that beams out of pictures taken in more recent photos, so it’s not that crazy!

  • She has not taken any clothing or style tips from the Thin White Duke, has she?

  • If you click back and forth on the pictures you see she hasn`t even moved, only sat up. SOMEBODY had a small budget!

  • Bulemia, as the body text tells us, is more of a binge-and-purge cycle. (The “purge” end of that cycle can be induced vomiting, or it can take the form of things like extreme exercise.) The caption on the one picture, however, describes more the pure anorexia.

    Wasn’t this same girl suffering from teen alcoholism or being pregnant a while back in one of our other titles, though?? Is this a stock “troubled teen girl,” circa 1983?

  • Nothing quite like stock photos. In the next book our little Bowie-ite will be snorting cocaine or a teenage prositute.

  • …Or maybe in a 1986 Randon House book “decorating teen rooms”…

  • And she’s a football fan… Black ‘n’ Blues Brothers Chicago Bears poster on the wall.


  • Maybe it’s not bulimia, but morning sickness…

  • I love the Donald Duck shirt on the cover.

  • They got the caption wrong. They’re thinking of anorexics. Bulimics will eat their favorite foods. They just don’t digest them.

  • Clearly, David Bowie is the root of all evil.

  • Oh, Kat, no. Bowie is the opposite. Don’t…don’t say these things!!

  • I was a bulimic. Now I’m obsessed with decorating my room. It makes me feel happier and brighter and less prone to binging