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Teen Feelings

Nobody Said It’s Easy

Here we have another relic from a public library explaining all those crazy moral, physical and emotional changes in teens. I have featured a standard admonition to the girls not to lead guys on. (Bad things will happen, and then it is your fault). I also am trying to figure out these illustrations.

Teens from 1965 are probably pushing 70 years old now, so maybe we can let this one go. Remember, a good rule of thumb is if the book is older than the intended audience, time to reconsider.


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10 Responses to Teen Feelings

  • I think if “axe murder” is one of the feelings you’re having about someone, its time to step back from the conversation for a bit.

  • I think a lot of this stuff is still true, but there’s more to worry about in conjunction with all that….

  • Given how old this book is, it’s pretty progressive. I was born in ’63, and I don’t remember learning anything about how gender is a cultural construct (implicit in the last page).

    • Yes, I was scrutinising this with my big, sparkly feminist hat on, and thought most of it was good. The bottom page of 190 is a bit odd, but I actually did use to have a friend that carried on like that. (Her unfair treatment of men is just one of the reasons I am no longer friends with her.)

  • “A girl may fear that intercourse will rip and maim her vagina”
    I was going to comment that the text seems to hew to the same old storyline that guys just want to have sex and girls just want to hold them off (or else “trade their bodies for popularity”). There was little acknowledgment that girls also have hormones and biological drives and that they might feel genuine desire themselves. But if girls in the 1960s were being told that sex would maim them, maybe that explains a lot.

    • I could see how a girl might think that given certain circumstances. If she had little knowledge of how the male and female body work, had little to no understanding of sex, and heard mention of female bleeding during sex, then she might easily come to the conclusion that she is going to get injured during sex. Or she has awful parents who are making up things to try and scare her away from sex (I’ve heard some bizarre things from some friends who had parents trying to scare them).

  • Roy Doty’s illustrations were quite strange looking to me when I first saw them, and I still think they are different, though these don’t show his way of drawing people talking.

  • “Sometimes, girls like to believe that they have been attacked or overwhelmed and a struggle when this has not been the case.”

    Translation: don’t bother telling the cops that you were raped, because nobody will believe you.