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Teen Clean!


Quick and Easy Housekeeping

This title was plucked from a teen non-fiction section. It is a teen book about cleaning your room.  Really?  No, there is nothing wrong with the information. I just can’t see teens falling over themselves to check this book out.  As the mother of teenagers, I am here to tell you a book won’t make them clean things.  Death threats might work though.  Decorating your room or a DIY type of book with a more current-looking cover would be a much better way to go.   I have shown this book to some of our regular teen patrons.  The eye rolling that followed just confirmed my suspicions.


10 Responses to Teen Clean!

  • Umm, yeah, this should have been classed as fiction, don’t you think?

  • Your book finds are absolutely priceless. Keep up the good work.

  • This must be one of the most optimistic books ever

  • Yep, fiction. I think a picture with a mom holding the teen’s car keys and their cell phone in one hand and pointing at their room with the other would speak “volumes”!!!!!!! I mean, a feather duster?? Seriously??

  • When I was a teenager I was reading books on black magic, and almost burned my room down with black candles. So personally, I would have benefited from a rebellion safety manual.

  • Okay, maybe this explains why I’m a neat-nick, but I remember having a such a book! I even remember part of it recommending that you clean from top to bottom clockwise around your room so you’ll encounter EVERYTHING. While doing so, you were also supposed to just move things to other parts of the room but not put them away unless it was a section you had already cleaned completely. (This was illustrated with a lovely diagram too!) Long story short, yes, someone did read these things as a child. Sad to say it’s me. 🙂

  • Honestly, I could see some teen (perhaps like “recipefail” above or even myself) checking out a book like this. Not in front of any of their friends of course. And not with a cover like that! lol

  • cool site…. your editorials adds to the greatness!


  • That illustration reminds me of the illustrations in the Ramona books.