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Teen Christmas Fun

The Chrsitmas Tree title pageThe Christmas Tree

Submitter: There’s really nothing wrong with this book, aside from the god-awful pictures and the fact that no 21st century teenager is going to pick this one up when we have newer, more attractive books available. I swear the family in the first picture is in a cult; nothing else could explain that tree!

Holly: Teenagers?  This is a teen book? Wow.  It will probably be snatched up in a used book sale in a hot minute (not by teens…), but there’s not a lot of reason to keep it in a modern library.  If you have unlimited space…nah, I’d still weed it.

family around Christmas tree

The Light of the World

Christmas tree decorations

8 Responses to Teen Christmas Fun

  • The old woman with the two children looks exactly like my grandma!

  • While the fashions and photographic technologies surely have changed and improved considerably since 1960, I fail to see how Christmas trees have changed that much since then.

    • Actually there have been changes to Christmas trees since then. There are a large variety of artificial trees available now, as well as changes in ornaments (low energy, more efficient lights, for example). And let’s not forget potentially out-dated business information if it gives suggestions on where to buy trees, ornaments, gifts, etc.

  • Nothing says Christmas like giving and receiving cigars and cigarettes!

  • is that a flat screen monitor on the last page (top left hand corner pic). nah, can’t be!

  • I don’t see where this book says it’s for teens. Maybe submitter’s library had it in the teen section? When I worked in a public library years ago we had this book in the regular collection and it circulated well, but it definitely needs to be replaced by something more up-to-date now.