Teddy Bear Catalog

Teddy Bear Catalog coverThe Teddy Bear Catalog

Submitter: This book was recently weeded from our collection. As a community college library, we strive to teach students how to find authoritative and trustworthy information. If this was a straightforward “how to repair teddy bears” book, it might stay, but the authors include references to the stuffed bears’ personalities (such as “hold[ing] its paw” during repair and consulting a veterinarian to learn how to tie a teddy bear sling for a broken arm). It is also from 1980, so prices listed for the current “teddy bear market” are well out of date.

Holly: Seems like an odd choice for a community college at all, but it’s definitely too old. I agree that it goes a bit far with the teddy bear sympathy. Maybe if it were suggesting ways to talk to a child about their beloved bear’s repair it would be kind of cute, but these seem to be adults sewing up old bears. If a lone adult takes a teddy bear into a veterinarian’s office to learn how to put a cast on its missing paw, they will probably charge for the time and materials, or just say they don’t have time and send you away. They would also think you were a little odd. Because you are.

Hold teddy's paw

Teddy bear surgery - ask a vet





  1. I love to collect dolls and stuffed animals. I don’t think it it’s fair that adults aren’t supposed to carry them around and play with them in public or people will think you need to be locked up. What brings me happiness and comfort is more important than what *they* think. Still, bringing a stuffed animal to the vet is pretty weird. You wouldn’t bring a doll to a pediatrician.

  2. I wouldn’t have thought a vet would know anything about applying a sling in the first place, unless they’ve taken some first-aid classes. Not that asking your GP about this sort of thing would get you any less of a strange look.

  3. Still own this! Bought it with babysitting money- over five hours worth! I recall it being more of a catalog of bears than a repair guide. At the time, collecting teddy bears was sort of a big thing.

  4. Omg!! One of my favorite books as a kid was about Bialosky the bear making chocolate chip cookies. I’m sure that’s the same author

  5. I loved my teddy bear so much I wore the front of his paws off, and my mother sewed on replacement fabric. I think she also had to replace his eyes. But I still have him! He, of course, was the main character in the Winnie-the-Pooh stories, in my mind, at least.

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