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Manage your paperwork coverHow to Manage Your Paperwork: A Simple and Practical Record Keeping System for Individuals, Homes, and Small Businesses

Submitter: I like to think I keep the place tightly weeded and was aghast to find this book. The [suburban California] Public Library is a circulating library, if it doesn’t move, it doesn’t stay. I can’t think how I missed this one.

I’m sending just the covers, which say it all, the inner pages are so stifling boring that I didn’t bother. Besides, this book will solve ALL your problems, not just your filing needs. Who needs a computer? Even a calculator? A pencil and paper are just fine! The date is 1988, out of date even as it was published.

Holly: I love an organized work space (my office has “hospital corners” according to Mary), but believe me when I tell you that you NEED a computer in your record keeping life. I’m not a professional organizer, but you can’t run a small business with a calculator and a day planner. Nice start, though! This book is basically just…paperwork.

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  1. Wow, aside from the cover, this looks positively archaic even for 1988! I’ve seen technical manuals from the 1960s and 1970s that look less dull.

    As for the not needing a computer thing, well, even in 1988 a PC or a Mac was pretty much a necessity if you were a small business. Cheap 8086 and 80286 machines were everywhere by then, and people were even getting by on Apple IIs and Commodore 64s (the original II version of AppleWorks was great).

  2. Perhaps the author was aiming for the niche of those leery of technology. My biggest problem is the quote. I believe it is “order begets order”.

  3. Those poor disorganized people of 1988–they didn’t even have browser bookmarks, Pins, or numbered digital photographs to deal with!

  4. The back cover needs to be submitted to “The ‘Blog’ of ‘Unnecessary’ Quotation Marks.” What the heck does “papers” mean???

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