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Y2K-9 coverY2K-9 : The dog who saved the world

Submitter: I’m sure at the time this was a pretty funny book. The story is about bunch of dogs who are computer geeks and secret government agents who help save the world on Y2K. The dogs chat in chat rooms about not flying on planes and stocking up on toilet paper (though I wonder how the dogs could even type….). The story does well mixing the serious worries of the time with humor. Now it is just dated, Y2K was 18 years ago! Looking back the anxiety of Y2K seems silly, but it was serious then. I doubt a kid today would even understand why it was such a concern. I guess it would have been good to give kids a fun story to help deal with all the worry at the time. Do kids even chat in chat rooms anymore? The chatroom pages in the book are kind of funny with the aliases. The book has only circulated 4 times. Time to go.

Holly: Do they teach kids about Y2K in school? And if so, in what grade? Babies born in Y2K are heading off to college this year! Kids will read just about anything with dog characters, but this might be pushing it. Typing dogs who stock up on toilet paper for Y2K might have even been pushing it at the time it was published!

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Friday Fiction: Boy with the Dinosaur Hands

Boy with Dinosaur Hands coverThe Boy with Dinosaur Hands: Nine Tales of the Real and Unreal

Submitter: There are so many things going on with this book…a kid with dinosaur hands, horrible writing, crazy chapter titles, and the illustrations!  The worst part is that we have TWO copies of it in our Library!  Apparently the previous Librarian enjoyed it so much she ordered a second copy. From a middle school library.

Holly: There are definitely kids who will go for something like this. I’m not sure it warrants multiple copies unless it is a huge hit in your library for some reason! Maybe it’s grooming the next generation for weird sci-fi like this?

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What’s the matter with the Dobsons?

Dobsons coverWhat’s the Matter with the Dobsons?

The Dobsons are a “good” family and have everything going for them. Or so it appears. Lisa and Amanda are sisters and each feels that the other parent doesn’t support them. Parents take sides and all hell breaks loose. Things get so bad the parents separate. Maybe this is a good book. I just thought everything was kind of boring from the description. I also am biased since the book just looks old. Without reading much, I get the feeling the reader is to “learn” from this awful family dynamic. Also, I can’t get past the porn stache on the dad. Let me just say this again: Covers matter!



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