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The hottest sibling pair since Donny and Marie!

Kristy and Jimmy coverKristy and Jimmy
TV’s Talented McNichols

Remember these kids?  I was a huge fan of Family and “Buddy” for that matter, back in dark days of the 1970s. I lost track of these kids until the other day when this book showed up in a donation pile for my library.  Of course I felt old since only people over 40 seemed to know who these kids were. I had no idea that these crazy kids had teen idol status and musical aspirations.  Perhaps I am not as cool as I think.


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Mmmore MmmBop

Hanson: Mmmbop to the Top: an unauthorized biography

Submitter: Found this one while working on a cataloging project in a Catholic school.  I would have let it go and rolled my eyes, but it’s designated as fiction.  Clearly, this just means that the whole MMMBop thing was a hoax.  OR WAS IT???

Holly: Remember this earlier post on Hanson? At least two books were written about this band in 1997.  Please, my friends, go to your shelves and tell me there is not a third one!  These guys are all grown up now. It’s time to maybe buy a new one (BIG maybe…).  At least weed these older books.  This band has a fairly new album out and *might be relevant to your community, but these books are still outdated.

Midnight Ride of…Archie Bunker?

Paul Revere: Patriot And Craftsman

Submitter: I’ll be blunt, our children’s librarian is a wonderful person, but getting her to weed the kids’ books is like trying to pull a piranha’s teeth. She once held onto a New Kids On The Block book until she loudly heard a 9 year old girl saying “EEWWW!” That was three years ago. I’ve seen her keep biographies of sports heroes from the 80s – for a long time she kept children’s biographies on Princess Diana and Mother Theresa – that were written while they were still alive!

This one, however, caught my eye. It’s a primary kids biography on Paul Revere from 1974. While I’m sure it’s pretty good despite it’s age, one thing really caught my eye. Paul there looks a lot like Archie Bunker! Granted, little kids probably don’t know whom Archie was – unless their parents took time to explain the joke about “Archie’s Throne” in Night At The Museum Two: Battle For The Smithsonian. However, I can’t look at this and think “Great patriot.” I look at it and think about that time Sammy Davis Jr kissed Archie on the cheek.

Holly: Well, that pretty much says it all!  Every now and then we think it’s fun to post a book with a weird cover.  Paul Revere looks exactly like Archie Bunker!  We’re not suggesting it be weeded unless it’s in bad condition. This one’s just for a laugh, my friends!