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King of Pop

Michael Jackson coverMichael Jackson : music’s living legend
Reaching for the Stars series

Submitter: Holy buckets.  I found this unfortunately titled biography while doing some clean-up in our catalog – this was in a high school library, although with any luck not for much longer.  The subtitle is enough to make anyone cringe, and there’s even an address in the back so you can write to MJ and send him all your fan mail!  At the time this book was written and published, his album “Dangerous” wasn’t even out yet.  This is why you need to weed your biographies with wild abandon, people.  URGH. And check out all the other candidates for weeding with the series listing on the back of the book!

Holly: Oh yeah, some excellent weeding choices back there!  This could have been weeded a good ten or fifteen years ago.  I’m with you – dump it and replace with something that encompasses his full life and works.  The title is definitely unfortunate!

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The hottest sibling pair since Donny and Marie!

Kristy and Jimmy
TV’s Talented McNichols

Remember these kids?  I was a huge fan of Family and “Buddy” for that matter, back in dark days of the 1970s. I lost track of these kids until the other day when this book showed up in a donation pile for my library.  Of course I felt old since only people over 40 seemed to know who these kids were. I had no idea that these crazy kids had teen idol status and musical aspirations.  Perhaps I am not as cool as I think.


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Mmmore MmmBop

Hanson: Mmmbop to the Top: an unauthorized biography

Submitter: Found this one while working on a cataloging project in a Catholic school.  I would have let it go and rolled my eyes, but it’s designated as fiction.  Clearly, this just means that the whole MMMBop thing was a hoax.  OR WAS IT???

Holly: Remember this earlier post on Hanson? At least two books were written about this band in 1997.  Please, my friends, go to your shelves and tell me there is not a third one!  These guys are all grown up now. It’s time to maybe buy a new one (BIG maybe…).  At least weed these older books.  This band has a fairly new album out and *might be relevant to your community, but these books are still outdated.