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Y2K-9 coverY2K-9 : The dog who saved the world

Submitter: I’m sure at the time this was a pretty funny book. The story is about bunch of dogs who are computer geeks and secret government agents who help save the world on Y2K. The dogs chat in chat rooms about not flying on planes and stocking up on toilet paper (though I wonder how the dogs could even type….). The story does well mixing the serious worries of the time with humor. Now it is just dated, Y2K was 18 years ago! Looking back the anxiety of Y2K seems silly, but it was serious then. I doubt a kid today would even understand why it was such a concern. I guess it would have been good to give kids a fun story to help deal with all the worry at the time. Do kids even chat in chat rooms anymore? The chatroom pages in the book are kind of funny with the aliases. The book has only circulated 4 times. Time to go.

Holly: Do they teach kids about Y2K in school? And if so, in what grade? Babies born in Y2K are heading off to college this year! Kids will read just about anything with dog characters, but this might be pushing it. Typing dogs who stock up on toilet paper for Y2K might have even been pushing it at the time it was published!

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Time Bomb 2000Time Bomb 2000: What the Year 2000 Computer Crisis Means to You!

Thank you, submitter, for another look at Y2K.  We had another Y2K submission a while back.  Read all about it here!

This was favorably reviewed by Library Journal, and was probably a useful book in 1998 and 1999.  Is it still on library shelves for historical purposes?  I found lots of articles in my library’s databases about Y2K, so my patrons are not at a loss for information about how it all went down, should they be interested.  If you have space, there’s nothing wrong with keeping one or two of these, I guess, but if you don’t have space it’s an easy choice for weeding.  Let the internet and online databases offer this kind of information.

I do love the seriousness of the title: “Time Bomb!”  At the time, that’s what it seemed like: a ticking time bomb.  If it wasn’t figured out in time, the whole infrastructure of the world would have exploded.  Or so they say. I happen to know that Mary filled her bathtub with water on New Year’s Eve 1999, “just in case.”